Fabric LED Light Boxes are the latest visual display trend for big, bold graphics that capture a viewer's attention. QALite's Frameless Fabric LED Light Box is produced to exacting specifications for a quality product designed to last

Frame Design

Made with extruded aluminum, the frame of our Frameless Fabric LED Light Box is strong and durable yet lightweight. The facing edge is only 1/8" wide for a virtually frameless appearance that maximizes the available display area. An internally housed power supply simplifies installation requirements. Available in sizes from as small as 8" x 8" up to a visually stunning 120" x 204", our Fabric Light Box is made in our in house production team with adequate manufacturing facility and it carries a two year warranty. Standard finishes are anodized silver and black with custom finishes also available.


Our Fabric Light Box uses edge lit LED lighting diffused by an etched acrylic panel that draws light throughout the display for bright, even backlit illumination without hot spots or shadowing. Energy efficient LED lighting uses up to 75% less power than traditional fluorescent lighting and lasts up to 100,000 hours


You can customize our Fabric LED Light Box to meet your particular design requirements. Finish, graphic or frame size, LED color temperature and intensity and power connection can all be customized. Custom power coating to match a design scheme or PMS color standard, in matte, glossy or metallic finish is available for an additional fee. Size can be defined by outer dimensions or graphic dimensions and specified to an eighth of an inch. We offer LED lighting in multiple color temperatures from warm to bright daylight equivalencies in both standard and high output options. A two sided design for double the graphic impact is also available. Fabric LED Light Boxes can be wall mounted with a zee bar, free standing with an option floor stand or suspended


Fabric Graphic

The graphic used in our Frameless Fabric LED Light Box is a silicone edge graphic (SEG), a tension fabric graphic surrounded by a thin silicone strip that inserts into a narrow groove along the inner edge of the light box frame. Upon insertion, the fabric graphic is stretched across the face of the light box for a taut, wrinkle free appearance. Typically printed with dye sublimation, fabric silicone edge graphics have strong color saturation and are well suited to minimize reflected light. A fabric graphic is easily removed by pulling on a small exterior loop tab that is unobtrusively placed in one corner of the graphic.


Designed for indoor use, our Frameless Fabric LED Light Box is well suited for large format backlit displays for maximum visual impact in retail stores, corporate offices, health and medical facilities, exhibits and trade shows, as well as art galleries and museums. For outdoor use, our Fabric Light Box can be housed in an exterior Hidden Hinge LED frame for a weather proof installation

Frameless Fabric LED Light Box Features

  • Graphic size up to 72" x 120"
  • Frameless edge with a silicone edge tension fabric graphic
  • Depths as narrow as 2 7/8"
  • External / Internal power supply
  • Hardwired or plug option
  • Zee bar for hanging
  • 12 Volts DC
  • LED lighting provides bright, even illumination
  • 75% less power consumption than fluorescent
  • Standard finishes of anodized silver and powder coated black, custom finishes available
  • LEDs last up to 100,000 hours