LED Hanging signs are selected for both directional signs and to enhance shop front signage by improving visibility and providing information.

Hanging signs from QALite’s range of fabricated signs employ a variety of detailed material cutting and folding techniques to create suspended signs according to designs provided by our customers. As directional signage, our hanging signs have been selected for transport hubs such as airports or train stations and buildings including hospitals and colleges where they are commonly fixed to ceilings to improve building navigation. As shop and service signage, hanging signs can be used internally or externally and are fabricated accordingly.

Illumination can be added to our hanging signs by choosing LED modules or, LED Light strip; the latter light source is used to create a 25-30mm thin double sided illuminated hanging sign.

A variety of fixing systems for hanging signs are available from QALIte including weight calculated wall plates. Alternatively, simple hanging signs are often hung from decorative brackets fixed to a wall, particularly by businesses such as pubs, coffee shops and cafes looking to create traditional, period style signage.

Digital signs are great ways to engage customers in new ways and bring their attention from passing traffic. LED digital signs are growing worldwide in popularity due to their powerful effect with brightness, ambiance and long range visibility.

One of the main things distinguishing LED signs apart from other signs is their striking brightness. LED technology is unique in that it produces a brilliant, yet clear light that is easy to read both close up and from a distance, and quite hard for anyone to miss seeing it.

You see them at places like events, retail stores, pubs, night clubs, shopping malls and even in business buildings seeking to enhance their reach to potential customers.

Ultimately, the goal is to capitalize by offering interests and help make decisions. Retails in particular can use it for activating impulse purchases and advertising.

Events, either be entertainment events and corporate events, can use LED signs to create atmosphere of design, attraction and sophistication that helps to create customer trust and loyalty to the brand.