We work with our professional team across South Pacific to make big, bold, beautiful, attention-getting statements. When you have a message to spread, we get people to see the light. We do it with our range of QA Lite products - a high impact and low maintenance way to get any message noticed.

We source the material for all kind of our frame and display from the world's leading manufacturers which come with warranty and in a range of specifications to suit all needs. All products are then illuminated by edge-lit high-powered LEDs, brand QA Lite. This LED technology used is cost-effective, evenness effect, low attenuation, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly.

Our dedicated team have the capability to meet tight deadlines if required while maintaining consistent quality in the finished products. In order to improve our product quality, we constantly in touch with material supply sources and keeping in touch with the rapid development of innovative technology.

Overall, our QA lite's products are a great way of making sure that your brand stands out. An illuminated graphic is much more visible than one that is not, especially in busy locations such as large retail or a public concourse.